Wednesday, February 02, 2011

No Longer a Christian

OK, everyone. I'm no longer Christian, and I'm tired of pretending and sorry for lying. I guess I am agnostic, perhaps Deistic in my thought patterns. I apologize for not telling everyone sooner, especially family, but there were very few people who knew this. Now I wish to make it public. I admire my Christian friends even if I do not share their religion. Best wishes to all, and to everyone a good night I guess.


David Mills said...

I'm a stranger, so please forgive the intrusion, but as a fellow-brother, I'd like to see if my prayers and communication might be used by the Lord to shepherd you back into the fold.

Byron said...

If Christianity is true, then I welcome that.

Tim Rogers said...


Please know that you are in my prayers. Also, if you would like to correspond concerning some of your issues, I would love to interact with you--you have my email. Praying that the God of grace will draw you to Him.


Debbie Kaufman said...

These are both good men Byron, I hope you take advantage of their offer and know that I love you and am praying for you. I sense that you have been searching for a long time and my prayer is that you will know that everything Christ has said He is and what He has accomplished for us is true. We are fallible and full of sin, Christ however is not.

I treasure our friendship even though we have never met face to face.

selahV said...

dear Byron, I know that in and of myself, I can do nothing other than pray for you and will.

I pray God removes the confusion from your mind and reveals to you the love that only Christ gives.

Even we, in our feeble, clumsy way, can hardly express the love He is and always will be--through our trials, our losses, our lonely hours and self-defeating efforts. That is the beauty and glory of Jesus. He is so beyond us and our attempts at being "good", kind and caring--that only He can soothe the soul. Only He can regenerate and make a person whole. Only He stands at the door and knocks and waits to come in and dine with us.

He did all that's necessary for us to be whole--for us to make a difference in another's life and we often fail to simply let go and surrender our arrogance that we can do anything without Him. I know I can't. Any love that you have felt from me, is directly from Christ--for I, myself, am merely flesh and bone and a few words you read on a keyboard.

Jesus is the answer to your spiritual state at this moment. I pray you hear His voice and open the door and allow Him to do His perfect work in you. Forgive me wherein I've failed to let Him shine through me. Love, selahV

Bob Cleveland said...

If you'd ever like to talk, I'm in the phone book. And, if you'd like, I can even call you (I have free long distance). If that were the case, just email me your phone #.

Byron said...

Thank you everyone. I want to respond individually to each one of you. But it may take me awhile.

David R. Brumbelow said...

Praying for you. Like the others, I'd be happy to get together with you anytime.
David R. Brumbelow

David Mills said...

Do you mind if I communicate using your e-mail address, or is there a better approach?

Byron said...

My email address is byroniac at gmail dot com if you want to contact me, sure.