Saturday, February 28, 2009

Faxing in Ubuntu 8.10

I bought a Brother IntelliFax 4100e combination printer/fax way back when and I am pleased (as punch) that I have been able to set it up for both printing (using the excellent CUPS interface and specific drivers from the Ubuntu repository) and faxing from the command line (using the dgcmodem package from, an excellent site and the driver was free). (Digital) life is sweet!

I also installed some extra packages, like mgetty-fax I think it was, and some others. I can print to a postscript file, then convert it to a fax-formatted TIFF using "fax make" and that creates,, and so on, one TIFF file/image per page. On my machine, the modem is /dev/ttyACM0 so on the command line, I can fax this to 555-1212 like so,

sudo efax -d /dev/ttyACM0 -h "MyFaxStation page %d of %d" -t 5551212*

And voila! Most of the time, it works (assuming I actually reach a fax machine on the other end, that is).

*EDIT* I forgot to mention, I bought a Zoom 3095 USB modem for this, excellent little device. It spends its life clinging tenaciously to the back of my PC like some long-forgotten barnacle on the underside of a ship. I forget it's there until I need it, which is the way I like it. (If you need some Zoom in your life, buy one. You won't regret it.)