Friday, May 23, 2008

The Blessed Gift of Salvation

The necessity and excellency of God's gift of salvation have both weighed heavily on my mind in recent days. The world is lost and dead in sin. Without Christ there is no hope, no light, and no rescue. My personal belief and full conviction is that only Christ can give us redemption, and the redemption He offers is perfect and complete. He has offered to God the perfect sacrifice, Himself who knew no sin, to make us who believe in Him acceptable to God and to separate us from our sins which in Him are paid in full. We are sealed with promise by the Holy Spirit of God waiting for a sure home in heaven in the bosom of the Father with all our hopes resting and wonderfully satisfied in Christ.

I am making a personal exception and posting this message to both blogs, even though the Byroniac blog is technical in nature, because of the importance of this message.

Please, if you are not a Christian (or even if you are!), take the time to read this site and consider it carefully.
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