Friday, February 22, 2008

The Three Wise Men Do America

Actually, they're Democrats, not wise men. At least two of them are, officially. And two of them are men, at least technically. And they all want to do America. But not officially. Or even technically, in truth, because they're just playing the political numbers game we crazy Americans get caught up in every so often. Perhaps they should just figure out whose turn it is, and be done with it. That would save us several months of wasted television electrons for half-baked promises that quite honestly would probably look best when remaining on the theoretical blackboard.

Right now these three Democrats are the ones to beat in America: Zerobama, Shrillary, and John McVain. And I'm having trouble choosing among them, but not for reasons of popularity or personal appeal. I'll have to pick one, so I guess it will be McVain. I'm pretty much a die-hard, disillusioned, disgruntled Republican with no real party loyalty who still votes faithfully Republican. What does that make me, except a non-renewable political resource?

ZeroBama - I still don't know what to think about him. I'm not saying there's nothing he believes in. It just seems that he believes very passionately in nothing in particular.

Shrillary - Her voice has the really pleasant and soothing qualities which remind me of iron scraping concrete. And I remember when she was President the first time. :) (And, am I prepared for a First Man? Spouse to America's first Queen? Um, no.)

John McVain - "Don't judge a book by its cover" can also mean that the book cover wasn't worth the price tag, never mind the filler in between. But it's not polite to point out the other side of the coin, so I'll refrain. Oops, too late.

It's no wonder every day of the week might as well be Monday, and I feel like sleeping in.


(I didn't want to post this on my theological blog, even though this blog is technical in nature. So, anyways, without creating a third blog for miscellaneous miscellany, this is the best I could think of. I need some serious social and political inspiration, and I'm just not finding it in the mainstream political parties.)

Ubuntu Linux under Windows

Interesting article. There's no reason I'd post it, really, except I'm trying to (cough) win (cough) converts (cough, cough) for Ubuntu (hack, cough) or at least Linux in general (wheeze). I mean, please ignore this entire blog post unless you want to venture dangerously close to something cool.

That's it. Nothing to see here. Move along. (Hint: clicking the link above will accomplish this nicely).