Saturday, November 04, 2006


Python and GTK+. Is this cool or what?!


Chris said...

too cool. does it get any better than this what does it do anyway????

oh and i responded to your comments on my blog.

Byroniac said...

Python is a fun, cool way to write functional scripts to perform tasks on your computer, which is easier to learn to write than the older, traditional, less fun, less cool ways such as with C or C++ (I'm not bashing C or C++, people! I just want to point out that although C and C++ are almost infinitely powerful, they have demanding learning and discipline curves). GTK is a way of producing computer graphics which is easier to learn and master than the low-level system interfaces. Python and GTK when put together give you PyGTK, and hopefully a whole new world of functional productivity. Some Linux distros such as Ubuntu (and Fedora too, if I remember correctly) use PyGTK in providing applets to the user for operating system management, which I think is clever.