Tuesday, August 22, 2006

World of Empires

(This is kind of a note-to-self type post).

IBM PC Empire Documentation.

I have been working on a project called "World of Empires" (visit it by clicking on the title of this blog post). Actually, "working" is not a completely accurate term. "Procrastinating" is a much better and accurate term. For those who don't (care to) remember, Empire is an ancient (and I do mean, ancient) turn-based wargame/strategy game, that is in my opinion one of the best games ever made, judging from the amount of time I fanatically devoted to it at the expense of what should have been more pressing concernings (i.e., school, etc.). I loved it, and would love to play it again.

It is with that in mind that I started a project to very loosely clone the game for the purposes of my own entertainment. It would be freeware and open-source. Currently, the license is even public domain. What form it will take in the end, I am simply unsure. I just hope I finish it. Visit the link above for documentation from the original game.

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