Tuesday, June 13, 2006

[Edited 10-AUG-2006 15:44 CST to adjust coloration]

This is the evangelism ministry website of Ray Comfort. Excellent! Click and see for yourself. In fact, the following email signature is a slightly modified version of the one I constructed for free on their Free Evangelism Resources -> Free Stuff For Webmasters (located here). At any rate, I doubt I can add even a sliver of a percentage to their traffic, but hey, I'm doing my (pathetically insignificant and personally overestimated) part! :) (If I even get ONE person to go there and be enriched in their Christian faith, or someone without Christ to go there and be confronted with the gospel, I would be very happy, though I would never know about it [at least, not in this life]). Well, too much about that. If you're still reading this, it's kept you from clicking on the site. So, click on it already! Or visit the Good Person Test below (one of my favorites). I apologize; it looks better on email than here (no fault of theirs---strictly mine).


Byron Smith
Romans 6:23 (KJV) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
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Are you a good person?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bon Echo Alpha 3 (otherwise known as Firefox 2.0)

OK, so I'm amazingly fickle. But the next major version of Firefox (2.0) is currently in its third alpha stage, codenamed Bon Echo (Literally, 'Good Repeat' I think). It is not ready for prime time, and may not be for the faint of heart (i.e., testers and developers only at this stage). If you cannot resist taking a peek at the embryonic Firefox 2.0, I would recommend backing up your profile first, and restoring it afterwards. I did not (foolishly), and have suffered search engine icon oddities at the very least (I fear further damage to my profile, so I may have to recreate it).

Monday, June 05, 2006

The New Underdog Browser

I'm not switching loyalties (yet), but I have to admire a new underdog browser (which if I understand correctly inherits the old Mozilla code base and will further enhance and optimize it). Go Firefox! Err... Go Seamonkey!

In Essentials Unity, in Doubtful Things Liberty, but in All Things Love

Concerning my 95% agreement with Cork Free Presbyterian Church (Ireland), I posted too hastily. I am guilty of only skimming the site before I posted that. The level of agreement is not that high. The primary area of agreement is soteriological, since I disagree on certain issues such as paedobaptism, restriction on use of modern translations of Scripture, cessationism (I am a mild non-cessationist currently, who does not have or seek any sort of "prayer language" or "speaking in tongues"), and Sabbatarianism, for example. I am perhaps more correctly identified as Reformed Baptist, and I think this is where my true convictions lie. However, I can still fellowship with other Christians on the basis of doctrinal agreement over the essentials, though we disagree (and hopefully do so charitably) on the non-essentials. One of us could always find out we were wrong and need repentance on the issue(s) involved.
(By the way, I am not endorsing this site, simply quoting it for reference for the following quote)

In necessariis unitas,
In essentials unity,
In dubiis libertas,
In doubtful things liberty,
In omnibus autem caritas,
But in all things love.

I think this is an excellent motto.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Cork Free Presbyterian Church (Ireland)

This is an excellent site. I think I'm in 95% agreement with them (does that mean I'm 5% wrong?). The Calvinism section is especially noteworthy, I think.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Software Update:Manually Installing a MAR file

This explains how to do a manual update using a MAR file. This is the first I've heard of it. It looks fun (I think). *EDIT* I chickened out (not fun!).


If you want to refute Calvinism, please start by getting your facts right.